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Capital campaign

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FAQ about the Stronger Together Capital Campaign

  • What is the goal of the campaign?

    • $80,000.  This is based on the current estimates to complete all projects.   

  • What it the time frame for the campaign?

    • Please send your commitments to UMEM by February 14, 2021.

  • What is the priority of the projects?

    • Paying off the loan for initial repairs to the roof in Salem.

    • Completing the replacement of the leaking roof over the thrift shop in Salem. The thrift shop staff are currently forced to put buckets on the floor and move inventory to dry locations whenever the weather turns--a new roof is needed now! 

    • Building storage and sorting facilities will streamline the operation and processing of donations for the ministry.  Currently, the ministry uses spaces meant for other purposes to perform these tasks.  

    • Making the bunkhouse a four-season capable building will enable the ministry to offer temporary shelter to families literally left out in the cold by losing their homes to fires, frozen pipes, and other disasters.  A winterized bunkhouse will give the ministry the option to offer temporary shelter the next time disaster strikes a family in the local area.

  • What is the commitment of the Board of Directors and staff?

    • To date, the Board of Directors has 100% participation in the campaign and along with the staff have donated $6,000.

  • What are my options for giving?

    • Make a one-time monetary gift

    • Make a three-year commitment to be paid weekly, monthly, yearly

  • How can I give?

  • Can I make a gift in someone’s name?

    • Yes.  Note on the commitment card that you are making a gift in the person’s name.  Note if the gift is in celebration or remembrance of the individual.  If you would like us to send a note to the person, include their address on the card.

  • How can I support this campaign in addition to making a monetary commitment?

    • Pray for the Stronger Together capital campaign as well as the ministries of UMEM.

    • Lift up this prayer “God, what would you have me to do today” and discern God’s direction for your personal ministry.

    • Share the information about the campaign with others.

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